General Info

Our family began making maple syrup with family and friends 20 years ago. Back then we used 100 pails to produce roughly 25 gallons of pure maple syrup.  Today our operation has expanded to roughly 30,000 taps on vacuum tubing systems that cover 15 local woodlots. Our syrup is harvested from some of the most fertile woodlots in Ontario resulting in our unique rich flavor.   With the use of modern processing equipment, Shady Grove Maple can process up to 40,000 gallons of maple sap per hour.  It is our pleasure to pass on “mother nature’s sweet perfection” from our trees to your table. Our 2016 harvest will be certified organic.

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Grading Maple Syrup

Starting in 2016, maple syrup sold in the United States and Canada will adopt a new grading system. All maple syrup sold across North America will be labeled the same and graded in one of 4 categories: Golden, Amber, Dark, and Very Dark. This gives consumers a better idea of what kind of maple syrup they’re buying, no matter where they are. The graphic below is a better demonstration of these different grades.


Certified Organic

New for 2016. Starting with this year’s crop all our maple syrup is Certified Organic.

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Award Winners



In 2014 the Goetz Family received the “Premiers Award for Agri Innovation”.  This award was given to Shady Grove Maple in recognition of their contribution to expanding the maple industry in Ontario. Shady Grove Maple pioneered a custom boiling program that helps new comers to the maple industry get in the game. Their program consults woodlot owners.  It enables them to establish a pipeline system in their woodlot, they tap the trees and monitor their tank levels. Shady Grove Maple transports the sap and processes it into maple syrup. The proceeds from the finished product are split 50:50. This system allows newcomers to enter the maple industry without a major investment of time, money or base knowledge. It makes for a smooth transition into what is now becoming a growing industry.  Ontarians only harvest 0.04 percent of their tapable maple trees. Shady Grove Maple is pushing forward to grow this industry in their province. In every maple tree sits $10 per year of gross domestic product for the people of Ontario. This is truly a magical product that is harvested every spring.  Maple syrup is a sought after natural product that promotes human health and vitality.

We’re a proud member of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association